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Extension Cords


Innovera® Indoor Extension Cord

Durable extension cord is perfect for any indoor office use. Provides extra reach to maximized your office settings.
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Innovera® Indoor/Outdoor Extension Cord

Perfect for garage, shop or light industrial use. Orange color stands out for additional safety.
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Fellowes® Indoor Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

Fellowes Indoor Heavy Duty 9 Foot Extension Cord for multi-purpose applications. Grounded single outlet with 3-prong right angle plug and 9 ft power cord. 15-amps, 125 volts, 14 gauge. For use in the office, home office, school, or wherever you need to extend your reach to important electronic devices.
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Fellowes® Indoor/Outdoor Heavy-Duty Extension Cord

Take power where you need it. Indoor/outdoor heavy-duty extension cord features a grounded, three-prong plug with matching outlet. Orange color is easily visible. Designed for a wide variety of indoor and outdoor uses.
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CCI® Polar/Solar® Outdoor Extension Cord

Industrial-grade cord is lightweight and stays flexible to -67°F. T*Prene insulation resists abrasion, ozone, oil, grease and chemicals. Lighted female end indicates electrical power is on. Reinforced blades stand up to everyday wear and tear. Outer jacket is flame-retardant and moisture-resistant.
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CCI® Vinyl Outdoor Extension Cord

Vinyl jacket resists moisture, abrasion and prolonged exposure to sunlight. Sturdy reinforced blades and molded plug withstand repeated everyday use. Heavy-duty strain relief prolongs cord life. Outer jacket won't mark floors or walls.
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C-Line® Lay-Flat Power Extension And Cord Cover, 13 Amps, 125 V, 10ft, Black

An extension cord and cord cover combined into one convenient unit helps eliminate clutter created from numerous cords. Durable to withstand heavy foot traffic. Suitable for office and industrial environments. Made of flexible PVC moisture-resistant materials and heavy duty 16-gauge cord. Cord is ready to use with grounded AC duplex receptacles. Features two-foot lead cord. UL listed. Application: Indoor; Cable Length: 10 ft; Number of Outlets: 2; Number of Prongs: 3.
Manufacturers Item #79101

CCI® Polar/Solar Outdoor Extension Cord, 100ft, AWG 14/3

Durable outdoor extension cords are lightweight and flexible. Extension cords function under a wide range of conditions, remaining flexible in temperatures as low as -67°F. T*Prene insulation ensures superior resistance to abrasion, ozone, grease, oil and chemicals. Reinforced blades resist bending and breaking. Heavy-duty strain relief protects electrical connections, maintaining cord function for long product life. Flame-retardant and water-resistant jacket protects cord during extreme conditions. Power indicator light in female receptacle makes it easy to see when power is on. Application: Indoor; Outdoor; Cable Length: 100 ft; Number of Outlets: 1; Number of Prongs: 3.
Manufacturers Item #014890002

360 Electrical Habitat Premium Extension Cord + USB, 6 ft Braided Cord, 13 A, Tungsten

Power, where you need it. Unique, multi-faced outlet head crams a ton of capability into one power packed solution. Low profile, right angle plug fits tight spaces. Fast charge two smartphones at the same time with the included two USB ports. Two USB 2.4 A Ports. Application: Indoor; Cable Length: 6 ft; Number of Outlets: 3; Number of Prongs: 3.
Manufacturers Item #360470-8CA4ESC1

360 Electrical Habitat™ Accent Collection Braided Extension Cord

Classic braided-cord design stylishly puts power where you need it. Low-profile, right-angle plug easily fits into tight spaces and ensures a clean, wall-outlet appearance.
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GE Indoor Extension Cord, 15 ft, 13 A, White

Extend your power to where you need it. Features a polarized two-prong plug and a low-profile outlet block with rotary guard. Application: Indoor; Cable Length: 15 ft; Number of Outlets: 3; Number of Prongs: 2.
Manufacturers Item #50554

NXT Technologies™ Indoor Extension Cord with USB Ports, 5 ft, Black

Charge USB-enabled devices and power up equipment all at the same time with this extension cord. The braided cord and plastic exterior offer durability and protection against everyday wear and tear, while the space-saving right-angled plug fits hard-to-reach power sources. It has a sleek, compact design that blends with most office environments. Application: Indoor; Cable Length: 5 ft; Number of Outlets: 1 AC; 2 USB; Number of Prongs: 3.
Manufacturers Item #NX56823