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Storage Containers


Advantus Super Stacker® Divided Storage Box

Sturdy Super Stacker® boxes with snap-tight lid and handles keep contents secure. Stackable design helps conserve space. Removable divided tray features four compartments of varying sizes to make organization even easier.
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Storex Cubby Bins

These small bins fit perfectly in classroom cubbies. They are also useful boxes for organizing your classroom. They are made of a drop-resistant plastic that prevents cracking. Perfect bin for shoes or even general storage.
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Advantus Plastic Weave Bin, Extra Large, 12.5" x 12.5" x 11.13", Black, 2/Pack

Perfect for storing a variety of office or household supplies. This sturdy plastic bin is easy to clean, features two handles for easy transportation and has a stylish design. Extra Large. Number of Compartments: 1; Material Family: Plastic; Material(s): Plastic; Width: 12.5".
Manufacturers Item #40376

Storex Small Art Caddies, 3 Sections, 9.25" x 9.25" x 5.25", Assorted Colors, 5/Pack

Sort your suplies for easy use and storage. The caddy has three compartments (one large and two small). The rounded handle has no sharp edges. Completely washable and dishwasher safe. Take your supplies from the closet to the work table quickly and simply. Number of Compartments: 3; Material Family: Plastic; Material(s): Plastic; Width: 9.25".
Manufacturers Item #00941U06C

Storex Storage Tote, 16 gal, 22.7" x 18.25" x 12.86", Clear/Black

16 gallon storage bin. Holds all of your household and office supplies, holiday decorations, or garage tools. Folding lid allows for a quick peek inside. Made from an impact resistant plastic. Number of Compartments: 1; Capacity (Volume): 16 gal; Material Family: Plastic; Material(s): Plastic.
Manufacturers Item #00900U04C

Storex Interlocking Book Bins, 4.75" x 12.63" x 7", Assorted Colors, 5/Pack

Keep your books organized and within easy reach. Link these book bins together to make a sturdy book storage or use the easy to grip handles to carry a set of books to your reading corner. The handles are perfectly sized for big and small hands. The bin will fit taller books and letter sized file folders too. It will be easy to flip through your papers and books in this extremely versatile bin. With Clear Label Pouches. Number of Compartments: 1; Material Family: Plastic; Material(s): Plastic; Width: 4.75".
Manufacturers Item #70105U06C

Storex Storage Bins

The ultimate companion for your bookshelf or cubby. The easy to grip handles are perfectly sized for big and small hands. Made of impact-resistant plastic and come in wonderfully bright colors. Use them to organize your room and store all your supplies.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Brute Tote Box, 20 gal, 27.88" x 17.38" x 15.13", Gray

Safely store materials in commercial-grade Brute® boxes. Snap-tight lid ensures secure closure. Easy-access handles simplify transport. Air vents enable moisture evaporation. Reinforced ribbed bottom provides increased structural integrity. Stackable design allows you to take full advantage of available space. 20 Gal. Number of Compartments: 1; Capacity (Volume): 20 gal; Material Family: Plastic; Material(s): High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
Manufacturers Item #FG9S3100GRAY

Rubbermaid® Clever Store Basic Latch-Lid Container

Durable plastic container with tight-fitting lid keeps material safe and organized. Recessed handles allow easy transport. Lay-flat latches simplify stacking.
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Rubbermaid® Roughneck™ Storage Box

Rugged storage box features shatter-resistant polyethylene construction. Sturdy built-in handles simplify transport. Snap-on, stay-tight lids help keep contents dry and dust-free. Stackable design enables easy, space-saving storage.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Utility Bin, 4 gal, 17" x 12.13" x 10.5", Black, 2/Carton

Capacity-maximizing design provides plenty of storage space. Molded-in top handle and bottom grip deliver hassle-free portability. Smooth, easy-to-clean surface simplifies maintaining workstation neatness. 4 Gal. Number of Compartments: 1; Capacity (Volume): 4 gal; Material Family: Plastic; Material(s): High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
Manufacturers Item #FG335488BLA

Rubbermaid® Commercial BRUTE® Tote with Lid

The Rubbermaid® Commercial BRUTE food storage tote with lid is ideal for use in food handling and processing. User-friendly grip handles decrease potential for back injury and finger strain holes in handle allow water to drain, reducing risk of bacteria build-up.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Palletote Box, 19 gal, 23.5" x 19.5" x 10", Gray

USDA-tested storage box complies with FDA regulations regarding use in meat processing and food handling environments. Injection-molded high-density polyethylene provides excellent stress and crack resistance. Slip-resistant textured bottom ensures safe placement. Easy-to-clean design simplifies keeping your area sanitary. Rounded corners minimize the potential for painful bumps and bruises. Nestable and stackable. 19 Gal. Number of Compartments: 1; Capacity (Volume): 19 gal; Material Family: Plastic; Material(s): High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE).
Manufacturers Item #FG173100GRAY

deflecto® Tilt Bin® Interlocking Multi-Bin Storage Organizer

These Interlocking Tilt Bins® are perfect for organizing office supplies, break rooms, maintenance closets, craft storage and more. The dovetail design lets you stack and connect units together to form a custom modular system. Mix and match different sized units to meet your storage needs. Transparent bins tilt out and stay open for easy identification and access. Bins can be easily removed for cleaning and refilling. Can be wall mounted or used on countertop. Identification labels and mounting hardware included.
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