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Sanitary Napkins & Tampons






HOSPECO® Gards® 11" Tabbed Maxi Maternity Pad

Non-sterile.  24/12/cs
Manufacturers Item #HS-74

HOSPECO® Maxithins® Maxi Pads

Maxithins® pads, a name women know and trust. Maxi sanitary napkins in No. 4 box. For use in vending machines.  250/cs
Manufacturers Item #MT-4

HOSPECO® Tampax® Regular Vending Tampon

Original Regular, 100% Flushable. Individually wrapped and in vending tube.  500/cs
Manufacturers Item #T-500

HOSPECO® Gards Vended Sanitary Napkins #4, 250 Individually Boxed Napkins/Carton

Multi-channel design for better absorbency. Individually packed in #4 vending box. Absorbency: Maxi.
Manufacturers Item #147A

Always® Ultra Thin Overnight Pads with Wings, 38/Pack, 6 Packs/Carton

Provides up to 10 hours of protection for your heaviest days and nights. Flexi-wings flex as you move, helping pads stay put and protect against leaks. LeakGuard™ Core pulls fluid deep into the core and away from the edges. Pads absorb in seconds, keeping you dry and comfortable. Designed with a 45% larger back, as compared to the leading Regular Ultra Thin pad, to help you get a full night's sleep, without worrying about leaks. Hardworking pads provide long-lasting protection so you can rest easy. Size 4, 38/Pack, 6 Packs/Carton. Absorbency: Overnight.
Manufacturers Item #95236

Always® Ultra Thin Pads with Wings

If you think all pads are exactly the same—think again. Discover the completely reinvented* Always Ultra pads with 3X Protection System for up to 100% leak-free comfort. Thanks to RapidDRY, the pads absorb two times faster than the leading store brand to wick away gushes in seconds. Plus, the LeakGUARD core locks in leaks for long-lasting protection, while OdorLOCK neutralizes odors to help you feel fresh and clean all day long. Reinvented from the inside out. Provide strong period protection, no matter what your day brings. It’s Always like never before. *vs previous Always Ultra.
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Tampax® Pearl Tampons

Stay protected with a tampon that stop leaks, working for a maximum of 8 hours, even overnight. Unique Antigravity LeakGuard™ Braid helps catch leaks and send them back to the core. Anti-slip grip for easy insertion. CleanGuard layer surrounds the core for an extra layer of protection. FormFit protection helps close gaps that can cause leaks. Features a smoother plastic applicator for comfortable insertion. Discreet, purse-resistant wrapper with easy-to-open tabs.
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Always® Thin Daily Panty Liners

You want to feel fresh all day no matter what you do? Discover Always Thin No Feel Protection Daily Liners Regular for discreet protection against daily discharge and odors. These pantiliners are made to be thin and absorbent for everyday freshness. Plus, the Edge-2-Edge adhesive helps hold the liner in place. For comfortable protection on the go, they are individually wrapped, so you can take them anywhere. Get daily protection against discharge and odors that is so discreet you won't even know it's there.
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Always® Overnight Maxi Pads

Pick a pad that provides long-lasting protection day and night - providing absorbency for up to 8 hours, for your longest days. Maxi pads absorb in seconds, keeping you dry and comfortable. Features LeakGuard™ Core Plus RapidDry to pull fluid deep into the core and away from the edges for amazing overnight protection. Deep all-around barriers eliminate leaks. Flexi-Wings flex as you move, helping pads to stay put and providing extra protection against leaks.
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Always® Ultra Thin Pads

If you think all pads are exactly the same—think again. Discover the completely reinvented* Always Ultra pads with 3X Protection System for up to 100% leak-free comfort. Thanks to RapidDRY, the pads absorb two times faster than the leading store brand to wick away gushes in seconds. Plus, the LeakGUARD core locks in leaks for long-lasting protection, while OdorLOCK neutralizes odors to help you feel fresh and clean all day long. *vs previous Always Ultra
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Tampax® Tampons for Vending, Original, Regular Absorbency, 500/Carton

Our original period protection! For up to eight hours of comfortable protection. Featuring a unique LeakGuard skirt, Tampax Regular Cardboard Tampons offer backup protection to help stop leaks before they happen. Their FormFit design also gently expands to fit your unique shape, so you can feel comfortable and confident during your period. Tampax Cardboard Tampons have an Anti-Slip Grip applicator for easy insertion. Absorbency: Regular; For Use With: Dual Vending Machines.
Manufacturers Item #10073010025001

Seventh Generation® Chlorine-Free Pads

Free & clear pads provide the protection you need without exposing your most sensitive skin to unnecessary chemicals. Innovative PureFit design conforms to your body for reliable, leak-free protection and comfort. Pads are free of fragrances, hypoallergenic, processed without chemicals containing chlorine, and are not tested on animals. Individually wrapped.
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HOSPECO® Napkin Receptacle Liners, 7.5" x 3" x 10.5", Brown, 500/Carton

Kraft waxed paper liners for Hospeco® 250-201W, ND-1E, ND-1W, Sanisac and all standard wall units (sold separately). With gusset for better fit. Application: Can Liner; Material(s): Kraft Waxed Paper; Depth: 3"; Width: 7.5".
Manufacturers Item #KL

HOSPECO® Maxithins® Vended Sanitary Napkins

Multi-channel design for better absorbency. Individually packed in #4 vending box.
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HOSPECO® Scensibles Personal Disposal Bags, 3.38" x 9.75", Pink, 1,200/Carton

Scensibles personal disposal bags are a great choice to prevent plumbing problems. Easy handle-tie closures, conveniently conceal sanitary napkins and tampons for disposal. Contemporary pattern masks the contents. Pleasant fresh fragrance with built-in antimicrobial agents to inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria on the bag. Application: Sanitary Napkin; Material(s): High-Density Polyethylene; Scent: Fresh Clean Scent; Depth: 2".
Manufacturers Item #SBX50

Impact® Waxed Sanitary Napkin Disposal Liners

Wax liners are designed for feminine receptacles to ensure sanitary clean up. Various liner sizes can accommodate multiple napkin receptacles. Liners are wax lined to prevent moisture leakage.
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Impact® Naturelle® Maxi Pads

Naturelle® maxi pads are individually wrapped in plastic for effective singular usage. Each pad is folded in half for easy storage and transportation. These pads come with control channels that prevent uncomfortable leakage.
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Impact® Naturelle® Tampons

Naturelle® tampons are individually wrapped, isolating each one from another in effort to reduce cross contamination. They come packaged in cardboard tubes for easy vending machine usage.
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Always® Regular Maxi Pads with Wings, Regular, 10/Box

These pads have a flexible design to protect comfortably and move with you. Soft cover absorbs quickly and gives you a long-lasting clean and dry feeling. LeakGuard™ Core absorbs in seconds for up to eight hours of protection. Size 1, 10/Box. Absorbency: Regular.
Manufacturers Item #34967

Aunt Flow® 100% Organic Cotton Tampons, Regular, 500/Carton

Made with 100% organic cotton, no synthetics, rayons, or dyes. Features cardboard applicator with a smooth pedal tip for comfort. Absorbency: Regular.
Manufacturers Item #ATF00122

HOSPECO® Scensibles Plastic Feminine Disposal Starter Kit, 3.38 x 2 x 8.75 Bag, Includes 50 Pink Bags/1 White Dispenser

Clean, easy, discreet disposal of feminine care products - pads, tampons, liners. Avoid contact with items that may contain blood borne pathogens, germs and bacteria. Minimize flushing and costly plumbing repairs. Interleaved for easy single bag dispensing. Bag infused with fragrance, and antimicrobial treatment to inhibit odor causing bacteria on the bag. Easy tie handle closure conceals contents, minimizes odors. Contemporary pink on pink pattern masks contents from view. Imprinted instructions on the dispenser, snap open and close for easy refilling. Starter kit comes with durable ABS plastic dispenser that can be mounted to the wall with included screws or double sided foam tape. Application: Personal Disposal Bag; Thickness: 1 mil; Material(s): High Density Polyethylene; Bag Size: 3.38 x 2 x 8.75.
Manufacturers Item #SDWSTARTER-4

HOSPECO® Scensibles Universal Receptable Liner Bags

Featuring the SecureFit360® liner for safe removal of waste. Wraparound handle eliminates the need to reach into receptacle to remove the liner. Bag opens fully to completely line receptacle. Embedded with fragrance. Built-in antimicrobial agents inhibit the growth of odor causing bacteria on the liner.
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Aunt Flow® 100% Organic Cotton Day Pads with Wings, Regular, 500/Carton

Maximum comfort assured with a naturally absorbent, breathable organic cotton top layer. Each pad is doubly wrapped in an outside waterproof, easy-to-open packaging and an inner plastic wrap to ensure product quality. Protection you can trust with the adhesive backing and wings that secure pad in place. Quality product is free of dyes, perfumes and chlorine. Absorbency: Regular.
Manufacturers Item #ATF00125

Aunt Flow® 100% Organic Cotton Non-Applicator Tampons, Regular, 500/Carton

100% organic cotton non-applicator tampons are free of dyes, fragrance and chlorine. Tampon expands width-wise for maximum absorption and is flushable. Each tampon is individually wrapped in easy-to-open packaging. Features a smooth, rounded tip for easy insertion. Absorbency: Regular.
Manufacturers Item #ATF00121

HOSPECO® Maxithins Sanitary Pads, 250/Carton

Enjoy superior comfort and complete protection with durable sanitary pads. Individually wrapped tri-folded pads increase hygiene. Convenient, plain white packaging is easy to open and blends well with any restroom décor. Absorbency: Maxi.
Manufacturers Item #250IM

Bobrick Contura Sanitary Napkin Receptacle, Rectangular, 1 gal, Stainless Steel

Surface-mount on toilet partition or wall. Waste Receptacle Type: Sanitary Napkin Bin; Material(s): Stainless Steel; Application: Sanitary Napkin Disposal; Capacity (Volume): 1 gal.
Manufacturers Item #B-270

Ex-Cell Sanitary Napkin Plastic Liner Bags, 17", Black, 1,000/Carton

For Sanitary Napkin Receptacles Ex-Cell 205 WHITE and Rubbermaid Commercial® 13 (sold separately). Application: Sanitary Napkin; Material(s): Plastic; Width: 17"; Height: 17".
Manufacturers Item #LB-1718 BLK

Bagcraft Nap Sack Sanitary Disposal Bags, 4" x 9", White, 1,000/Carton

Nap Sack bags feature decorative printing that enhances any restroom environment. Waxed paper construction provides excellent leak resistance. Undercut lip enables easy opening. Application: Sanitary Napkin; Material(s): Wax-Coated Paper; Depth: 2"; Width: 4".
Manufacturers Item #300314

HOSPECO® Waxed Napkin Receptacle Liners, 8.5" x 8", Brown, 500/Carton

Waxed Sanitary Napkin Bags are waxed bags that are meant to line swing type floor feminine hygiene bins. These sanitary napkin receptacle liners make feminine product disposal more sanitary and easier to clean. Each feminine napkin bag is lined with wax to reduce absorption. For Use With Hospeco Swing Top Floor Receptacle and Most Swing-Type Receptacle. Application: Can Liner; Material(s): Paper; Depth: 7"; Width: 8.5".
Manufacturers Item #6802W

HOSPECO® Maxithins Vended Ultra-Thin Pads, 200/Carton

Ultra-thin multi-channel design delivers discreet, reliable protection. Dry-guard cover helps improve wearing comfort. Wings help ensure a proper fit. Size 4. Absorbency: Maxi.
Manufacturers Item #MT-200

HOSPECO® Feminine Hygiene Convenience Disposal Bag, 3" x 7.75", White, 500/Carton

Conveniently sized bag for individual sanitary napkin disposal. Pleasantly decorated white paper with blue design. Application: Personal Disposal Bag; Material(s): Paper; Depth: 1.5"; Width: 3".
Manufacturers Item #NEC-500

Tidy Girl™ Plastic Feminine Hygiene Disposal Bag Dispenser, Gray

Plastic dispenser provides quick, easy, sanitary distribution of Tidy Girl® Feminine Hygiene Disposal Bags (sold separately) to restroom patrons. Easy-to-follow instructions are printed on the face of the dispenser for proper use and disposal of bags. Durable plastic, lockable lid, easy installation and easy to clean. 
Manufacturers Item #TGUDPV2

Tidy Girl™ Feminine Hygiene Sanitary Disposal Bags, 4" x 10", Natural, 600/Carton

Keep restrooms smelling fresh and looking clean with these easy to use pink feminine hygiene disposal bags. Each Tidy Girl bag has step-by-step instructions for proper use and sealed disposal in waste receptacles, preventing the spread of germs and cross contamination. Their use in your facility will reduce plumbing, maintenance and cleanup issues related to clogged toilets, backed up pipes and general restroom maintenance. Application: Sanitary Napkin; Material(s): Waxed Paper; Depth: 4"; Width: 4".
Manufacturers Item #TG-7514P10