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Rubbermaid® BRUTE® Recycling Container - 32 Gal., Blue

Transport recyclable waste with ease and efficiency. Comes standard with "We Recycle" symbol.  6/cs
Manufacturers Item #2632-73

Commercial Zone® Canpactor - Dark Pearl

Crushes and self-ejects standard aluminum cans into large waste container. Perfect for home recycling needs, as well as schools, offices, and parks. Or use for any recycling program. Crushes and stores more than 400 aluminum cans. 30 gallon capacity, uses 39 gallon trash bags. 3 Pack.  1/3/cs
Manufacturers Item #7451023

Rubbermaid® Brute® Recycling Rollout Cart w/Lid - 50 Gal

Easy to maneuver. Can serve as central collection containers or shipping containers, reducing the amount of handling. 23 5/8" sq x 38 3/4" H. Blue.  2/cs
Manufacturers Item #3559-06

Rubbermaid® Indoor Station Cont -23 Gal w/Vent,Slim Jim®

For use in areas of high paper generation, such as near copiers, printers and in mailrooms. Station containers serve as a convenient central collection site for multiple work stations.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #3540-07-BL

Rubbermaid® Recycling Box - 14 Gal., Blue

Stackable recycling boxes made out of post-consumer recycled resin (PCR) perfect for commercial recycling use. Permanent hot-stamped universal recycling logo. 21" L x 16" W x 14.8" H.  6/cs
Manufacturers Item #5714-73-B

Rubbermaid® Recycling Top - Bottle/Can, Blue

Rubbermaid Commercial Products renowned strength and durability in easy-to-clean, impact-resistant plastic. Products meets or exceed EPA guidelines for post-consumer recycled content. For 2632 Container. 22.25" dia x 2.75" H. 6 per case.  6/cs
Manufacturers Item #1788376

Rubbermaid® Slim Jim® Single Stream Recycling Top - Blue

For Slim Jim® containers. 20.38" L x 11.3" W x 2.75" H.  4/cs
Manufacturers Item #1788372

Rubbermaid® Two Stream Glutton® Recycling Station - Blue

Features Rubbermaid Commercial Products renowned strength and durability in easy-to-clean, impact-resistant plastic. Products meets or exceed EPA guidelines for post-consumer recycled content. Capacity: 46 Gal. 26.8" L x 23.6" W x 35.5" H.  ea
Manufacturers Item #1792339

Safco® Paper Pitch Recycling Bin, Rectangular, Polyethylene, 1.75 gal, Black

Make desk side recycling easy and help separate recyclable papers from the rest of the workplace refuse. Mount on square or rectangular wastebaskets with hanging tabs. Made from durable, polyethylene plastic. Waste Receptacle Type: Deskside Recycling Wastebasket; Material(s): Polyethylene; Application: Recycling Paper; Capacity (Volume): 7 qt.
Manufacturers Item #2944BL

Rubbermaid® Commercial Slim Jim Recycling Station Kit

Kit offers an adaptable recycling solution to fit any commercial facility’s recycling needs. The station features color-coded lids and billboards, stream-specific openings, labeling with intuitive icons and verbiage to help patrons and staff sort recyclables with ease. The three-stream station connects without the use of hardware or tools for easy assembly. The durable connector snaps into place, securely holding the containers together. The containers feature bag cinches, eliminating the need to tie knots to secure liners and venting channels, making it easier to remove full liners. The sleek design fits seamlessly into front-of-house spaces like lobbies and breakrooms.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Slim Jim Recycling Station Billboard, Red

An adaptable recycling solution offers a front-of-house look with back-of-house functionality. Provide better waste stream visibility by selecting a color and waste stream label for your facility needs. Simple and durable execution. Components snap in place without the use of hardware. Compatible with Slim Jim® Recycling Station starter kit, Slim Jim® Recycling Station lid inserts, and Slim Jim® Recycling Station Waste Stream label kits. Waste Receptacle Type: Indoor Recycling Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Application: Recycling Indoor Waste; Color(s): Red.
Manufacturers Item #2007905

Rubbermaid® Commercial Saddle Basket Recycling Bin, Rectangular, Black

Attach to wastebasket to separate recyclables from nonrecyclables. Meets waste disposal needs of most offices. Waste Receptacle Type: Indoor Recycling Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Application: Indoor Recycling; Color(s): Black.
Manufacturers Item #FG295073BLA

Rubbermaid® Commercial Recycled Untouchable Square Recycling Container, Plastic, 23 gal, Blue

Untouchable® large plastic square waste receptacle features a sleek design for a professional image that's ideal for centrally located collection areas. Patent-pending cinch keeps your can-liner in place, eliminating the need to resize the opening by tying a knot. Durable, crack-resistant shell holds up, even under tough indoor/outdoor conditions. Compatible with variety of swing-top lids -- sold separately. Recycling Container—Features the universal recycle-symbol imprint. Waste Receptacle Type: Indoor Recycling Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Application: Indoor Recycling; Capacity (Volume): 23 gal.
Manufacturers Item #FG356973BLUE

Ex-Cell Kaleidoscope Collection™ Recycling Receptacle

Expand your facility's waste management system with ultra-handy modular trash and recycling receptacles. Rigid plastic liners and fire-safe steel exteriors. Fingerprint-proof removable steel lid and powder-coated body finish. Lid opening designed to fit one of several designated waste products. Four rubber feet raise receptacle to protect floor surface and restrict the growth of mildew and mold.
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Ex-Cell Stainless Steel Recycle Receptacle, 33 gal, Stainless Steel

Attractive, durable receptacle is designed for indoor use (but may be used outdoors if placed under a protective canopy). Brushed stainless steel design is highlighted by a contemporary perforated pattern. Laser-cut "Recycle" and universal recycling symbol ensure "for-use" clarity. Flat lid features a fingerprint-proof blue finish and an 8" diameter opening. Leak-proof LLDPE plastic liner simplifies materials collection. Coated-steel security cable keeps lid and receptacle together, minimizing vandalism and theft. Wrap-around rubber gasket on bottom protects floor surfaces. Waste Receptacle Type: Indoor Recycling Bin; Material(s): Stainless Steel; Application: Indoor Recycling; Capacity (Volume): 33 gal.
Manufacturers Item #VCR-33 PERF SS

Rubbermaid® Commercial Glutton® Recycling Station

Support your facility's recycling program, help reduce labor costs, and improve worker well-being with this all-in-one high-capacity and multifunctional recycling and waste unit. Includes restrictive opening tops, symbol label pack, and word label pack in three languages (English, French and Spanish). Hinged lid allows easy access during emptying.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Slim Jim® Plastic Recycling Container with Venting Channels

The Rubbermaid Commercial Products Vented Slim Jim Recycling Can Waste Receptacle, 23 Gallon, is crafted to make waste management compliance easier and reduce strain on workers. Constructed of high quality, commercial-grade materials, these trash cans feature four venting channels that make removing garbage bags up to 80% easier than traditional straight wall receptacles. By allowing air to flow into the can, liners can be pulled more easily from the recycling bin which reduces strain on staff and increases efficiency. Four bag cinches around the rib-strengthened reinforced rim create quick, knot-free liner changes. Sturdy handles and molded base grips make transporting and emptying contents more ergonomic while the step design prevents jamming when containers are nested. The Vented Slim Jim waste receptacle recycler is designed for superior durability and maximum efficiency.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Wastebasket Recycling Side Bin, Attaches Inside or Outside, 4.75 qt, Blue

Deskside wastebasket makes recycling easy and convenient. Attaches inside or outside wastebasket and allows for separation of trash and recycling at each desk, without going to a central recycling location. Perfect for paper collection. Waste Receptacle Type: Deskside Recycling Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Application: Indoor Recycling; Capacity (Volume): 4.75 qt.
Manufacturers Item #FG295073BLUE

Ex-Cell Metro Collection Recycling Receptacle, Triple Stream, Steel, 54 gal, Brown

As visually stunning as it is functional. Easy-to-remove interchangeable tops cater to specific waste-collection and recycling requirements (general waste, paper and cans/bottles). Fire-safe steel shell with plastic rigid-liner ensure durable, trouble-free performance. Transfer decals and plastic-application squeegee simplify labeling. Heavy-duty feet elevate container, protecting your flooring while minimizing the potential for mold and mildew growth. Waste Receptacle Type: Indoor Recycling Bin; Material(s): Steel; Application: Indoor All-Purpose Waste Disposal; Recycling Paper; Recycling Aluminum Cans; Capacity (Volume): 54 gal.
Manufacturers Item #RC-MTR-3 HCPR

Rubbermaid® Commercial Stacking Recycle Bin

The Rubbermaid Recycling Bin is made from linear low density polyethylene to withstand harsh weather conditions and prevent cracking, denting, or bowing. This recycle bin is stackable for convenient use of multiple containers at one time and nestable for easy storage. This recycling bin is imprinted with the universal recycling logo for increased waste management compliance.
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Safco® At-Your-Disposal® Recycling Center

100% recyclable receptacle keeps all recycling and waste needs labeled, sorted and contained under one lid. 28-gallon bins are moisture-resistant and impact-resistant. Decals keep bins neat and organized. Decals included are Paper, Plastic, Cans and Waste.
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Safco® Public Square® Recycling Receptacles

Encourage recycling in every workspace setting with these high capacity recycling receptacles. Attractive heavy-gauge steel containers feature a protective powder coat finish for durability. Interior catch-wires conveniently secure plastic liners in place. (Slotted lids and liners sold separately.) Different heights allow for easy configuration and visibility.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Deskside Recycling Container

The Rubbermaid Commercial Deskside Recycling Bin is an easy and effective way to separate recyclables from other refuse. This recycler is designed to be used in systems with existing office containers and accessories. Placed beside traditional wastebaskets, Rubbermaid Deskside Recycling Bins make it easy to increase waste management compliance.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Configure™ Indoor Recycling Waste Receptacle

Provides a customizable recycling solution with sleek, smooth surfaces and contoured edges. Modern appearance fits seamlessly into any indoor or outdoor commercial environment. Magnetic connection keeps the containers arranged in the order that best fits the space, in a row or an island. Easy-access front door and handle allow for ergonomic emptying of waste. Internal door hinge prevents unsightly wall damage and helps maintain a neat, clean appearance. Rigid plastic liner with handle has built-in venting channels that create airflow. Secure liner bags with integrated liner cinches, allowing for knot-free liner changes. Shipped fully assembled.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Slim Jim W/Handles, Rectangular, Plastic, 15.9 gal, Blue

Versatile container that's space efficient. Large handles are set high for lifting leverage and control. Lids sold separately. Waste Receptacle Type: Indoor All-Purpose Waste Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Application: Indoor All-Purpose Waste Disposal; Capacity (Volume): 15.9 gal.
Manufacturers Item #1971257

Rubbermaid® Commercial Silhouette Square Recycling Collection

Recycle with style. The contemporary design of perforated steel combines with a classically styled top for an upscale look that's perfect in any environment. Heavy gauge, fire-safe steel construction features Uni-Koat powder-coated finish. Lid opening fits your recycling need. Adjustable leg levelers to provide stability on uneven surfaces. Piano hinged top enables easy emptying.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Brute® Recycling Container

Put this Brute® in your corner. Large-capacity receptacle makes great sense for both mobile-materials collection and centralized-bin stations. All-plastic commercial-grade construction. Rust-, chip- and peel-proof. Dent-resistant.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Glutton Recycling Container, Rectangular, 56 gal, Blue

Large-capacity container is perfect for heavy-traffic areas. Effective central collection receptacle for multiple workstations. Designed for indoor and outdoor use; can withstand extreme temperatures. Available in Paper and Bottle and Can versions. Waste Receptacle Type: Indoor Recycling Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Application: Indoor Recycling; Capacity (Volume): 56 gal.
Manufacturers Item #FG256B73BLUE

Rubbermaid® Commercial Brute Recycling Rollout Container, Square, 50 gal, Blue

The Rubbermaid Commercial BRUTE Recycler Rollout Trash Can with Hinged Lid is the industry leader in waste and material handling applications. These seamless rectangular recycle bins are constructed of durable polyethylene with a hinged lid, integrated handle, inset wheels and are imprinted with the universal recycling symbol for increased waste management compliance. Heavy-duty polyethylene weighs less than aluminum or steel and resists cracking. The hinged lid open fully and locks against the recycling bins. A molded-in axle retainer adds strength while inset wheels make the recycle bin maneuverable and help prevent damage to walls and doorways. A molded-in catch bar makes the recycle bins compatible with automated and semi-automated lift systems for curbside garbage and recycling collection. This recycle bin contains an ultraviolet (UV) stabilizer to help prevent fading and discoloring. Waste Receptacle Type: Outdoor Recycling Bin; Material(s): Plastic; Application: Indoor Recycling; Capacity (Volume): 50 gal.
Manufacturers Item #FG9W2773BLUE

Rubbermaid® Commercial Square Recycling Container

Rubbermaid Commercial Square Recycle Bins are perfect for use in areas of high paper generation, such as near copiers, printers, and in mailrooms. This recycle bin contains Post-Consumer Recycled Resin (PCR), exceeding EPA guidelines. The recycling bin station containers serve as a convenient central collection site for multiple work stations. Recommended for indoor and outdoor use. The large capacity is ideal for heavy traffic areas. These recycle bins are designed to withstand extreme weather and handling.
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Safco® Desk-Side Recycling Receptacle

Solves all any desk-side recycling needs. Latch two of these receptacles together for waste and recyclables, for two different types of recyclables, or use them individually. Combo-set includes one black and one blue receptacle.
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Safco® Dual Recycling Receptacle, 30 gal, Stainless Steel

Keep your recyclables separated with this two-bin system. Easily customizable and includes recycling decals: plastic, cans, paper and waste. Removable lid provides set-up versatility. Aluminum body with two 15 gallon, separate plastic liners. Satin finish makes it perfect for use across the workspace. Waste Receptacle Type: Indoor Recycling Bin; Material(s): Steel; Application: Indoor Recycling; Capacity (Volume): 30 gal.
Manufacturers Item #9931SS