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Cuties® Premium Jumbo Diapers, Size 0, Newborn to 10 lbs, 60/Carton

Keep moisture away from babies' skin with these premium absorbency baby diapers. The hypoallergenic construction is ideal for infants with sensitive skin. The cloth-like outer layer adds a soft finish to each diaper. Easy-lock fastener tabs provide an adjustable fit, while leg cuffs and an elastic waistband deliver added comfort. Feature a unisex design and ultra-absorbent core, providing reliable protection against leaks for girls and boys. Diaper Style: Disposable; Diaper Size: 0; Baby Weight Range Max [Max]: 10 lbs; Baby Weight Range Min [Min]: Newborn.
Manufacturers Item #CR0001

Always® Discreet Incontinence Pads

Looking for incredibly strong bladder leak protection that is barely noticeable under clothes? Always Discreet Incontinence Pads offer up to 100% leak-free protection thanks to a unique absorbent core that absorbs leaks in seconds to keep your skin dry and comfortable for hours. Plus, two RapidDry layers form a boosted protection zone in the center, giving you extra protection where you need it most. Even with unexpected leaks, the LeakGuards help to keep wetness away from the sides, while the lightly-scented OdorLock technology neutralizes odors instantly and continuously. Experience incredible bladder leak protection in a surprisingly discreet incontinence pad.
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Prevail® Bladder Control Pads

These bladder control pads are made with Dri-Fit™ material to help you feel more natural by keeping your skin dry and comfortable. Odor Guard® helps prevent odors before they even start by reducing the total amount of odor-causing ammonia produced by bladder leakage.
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Prevail® Briefs

These briefs feature a cloth-like outer fabric for a more comfortable fit. They are made with Dri-Fit™ material that provides a new level of protection and comfort to help maintain healthy skin. Easy-Lock Fastener® tabs grip and hold without being sticky.
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Prevail® For Men Overnight Protective Underwear

Provides the comfortable look and feel of everyday underwear with the highest level of absorbency. Dri-Fit™ cotton enhanced material and cloth-like breathability help keep men dry and comfortable so they can sleep through the night undisturbed by leaks.
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Prevail® Per-Fit360°™ Briefs

These briefs offer a comfortable feel with advanced leakage protection. They feature 360° ventilation and Microclimate Care™ technology to lock away wetness and allow air, heat, and humidity to escape. Dri-Fit™ material to help you feel more natural by keeping your skin dry and comfortable.
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Prevail® Breezers360°™ Briefs

These briefs combine ultimate absorbency with advanced skin health technology. They provide 360° ventilation and Microclimate Care™ technology that lock away wetness while allowing air, heat, and humidity to escape. They also feature Skin Smart® fabric that contains vitamin E along with natural botanicals, aloe and chamomile to protect, soothe, and promote healthy skin.
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Seventh Generation® Free & Clear Baby Diapers

Gentle and hypoallergenic diapers help keep baby's sensitive skin protected and dry. Ultra-absorbent core is made with sustainably-sourced material and 0% chlorine bleaching, lotions and fragrances. Double leg cuffs and stretchy waistband provides great fit and premium leak protection. Large, easy-to-use tabs keep diapers snug through baby's twists and turns. Protection for All™ adorable animal character designs tell the story of the forest habitats Seventh Generation is working to help protect. We make our diapers with sustainably sourced materials so that our forests, and the animals who live there, can thrive for generations to come. Seventh Generation diapers are designed to care for baby as well as the health of the next seven generations.
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Luvs® Diapers, Size 2, 12 lbs to 18 lbs, 40/Pack, 2 Pack/Carton

Baby your baby's bottom with convenient comfortable diapers. Refastenable stretch tabs help provide a snug and secure fit. Leakguard keeps baby dry, while Night Lock™ helps lock away moisture for a dry, comfy night's sleep. Cottony soft diapers are gentle on skin. Contoured shape provides a secure fit. Diaper Style: Ultra Leakguard; Diaper Size: 2; Baby Weight Range Max [Max]: 18 lbs; Baby Weight Range Min [Min]: 12 lbs.
Manufacturers Item #85923

Medline Ultrasorbs Disposable Dry Pads

Dry touch fabric top; non-woven top sheet is soft and keeps moisture away from skin for greater comfort. Ultra Absorbent Core; unique embossed design wicks moisture away from the surface for incomparable wetness protection. Aquashield film; traps moisture but, unlike ordinary pads, it allows air to flow through so skin can stay dry, cool and more comfortable. Innovative, leak-proof backsheet; exceptionally strong backsheet avoids tears and ripping.
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Medline Extrasorbs Air-Permeable Disposable DryPads

Air-Permeable, moisture-proof backsheet provides superior skin dryness and comfort when your patients need it most. Absorbent core wicks moisture away from the skin for increased patient dignity and better skin care. Designed for open-airing incontinence management, ICU/CCU patients who should not be disrupted/moved more than necessary, ER for absorbing significant/ongoing fluid loss, labor and delivery, OR use for Low Air Loss Therapy, and any other area where skin dryness is needed.
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Medline Protection Plus® Disposable Underpads

Protection Plus® disposable underpads with non-woven facing are soft against skin. Absorbent material helps contain fluid, and the polypropylene backing helps keep underpad in place.
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Medline FitRight® Ultra Protective Underwear

FitRight® Super Protective Underwear features a body-contoured anatomical design for added user comfort. SensiSoft fabric for a soft, comfortable feel against the skin. Soft anti-leak guards and an ultra-absorbency core provide wetness protection. The acquisition and dryness layer wicks moisture away from the skin and into the core for ideal dryness and leakage protection. Linear embossing technology distributes fluid throughout the core for exceptional dryness and containment. Size printed on the back sheet identifies product size for a better fit and improves ease of care.
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Medline Capri Plus™ Bladder Control Pads

Capri Plus™ Bladder Control Pads have a breathable clothlike outer cover for a dry, comfortable feeling against the skin. Blue acquisition layer, and super-absorbent core lock in fluid and keep it away from the body, protecting the skin. Elastic leg gathers and contoured design create a discreet, secure and comfortable fit.
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Medline FitRight® Active Male Guards

These FitRight™ Active Male Guards absorbent pads are designed for comfort and discretion. Soft, breathable back sheet provides increased comfort. Super absorbent core with fast acquisition layer for optimal dryness and protection. Adhesive to hold product in underwear.
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Medline Ultrasorbs AP® Underpads

Ultrasorbs AP® help manage moisture and help maintain skin integrity over time. Extra-large pad draws in moisture, locks it away from the skin. Feels dry to the touch in just minutes after wetting. AquaShield film provides leakage protection, resulting in fewer linen changes; with no double-padding needed. Lies flat when wet without bunching, swelling or disintegrating. Air-permeable for added patient comfort. Effective for use with low air loss mattress therapy—protects the bedding and permits air flow.
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