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Rust-Oleum® Comfort Grip Universal Spray Paint Gun, For Standard Spray Paint Cans, Pistol Grip, Black/Red

Ergonomic, pistol-grip design with large, soft-touch trigger helps reduce finger fatigue. Durable, impact-resistant construction stands up to the challenges associated with frequent use. Easy to load—simply snap a standard spray-paint can into the receiver cup, and then click the quick-release lever to remove the can once it's spent. Paint-Supply Type: Spray Gun; Handle Color: Black/Red; Handle Type: Pistol Grip; Material(s): Plastic.
Manufacturers Item #241526

Wooster® Shortcut Paint Brush, Nylon/Polyester Bristles, 2" Wide, Flat Profile, Plastic Handle

Unique, short, flexible SherGrip® handle provides extra maneuverability, while allowing you to keep a firm, comfortable grasp, especially in very tight, inconvenient spaces. Synthetic-blend bristles allows you to use all paint types as well as water-based stains. Nickel-plated steel ferrule. Paint-Supply Type: Brush; Bristle Material: Nylon/Polyester; Bristle Width: 2"; Handle Color: Purple.
Manufacturers Item #0Q32110020

Wooster® Deluxe Metal Roller Tray

Heavy-duty tray makes every job easier, from painting to cleanup. Sturdy legs keep the tray level during use. Ideal for both hand-held and extension-pole rollers.
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Wooster® Jumbo-Koter Plastic Roller Tray, 0.5 qt Capacity, 7.25 x 15 x 3, Black

Choose the perfect size for the task at hand. Lightweight, easy-to-wash design is ideal for just about task where a roller would be required. Solvent-resistant. Paint-Supply Type: Roller Tray; Dimensions: 7.25 x 15 x 3; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Black.
Manufacturers Item #0BR4030064

Wooster® Jumbo-Koter Professional Super/Fab Removable Roller, 4.5" Synthetic Knit Fabric Roller, 0.5" Nap, Golden Yellow, 2/Pack

High-capacity, synthetic-knit-fabric roller provides exceptional performance with all flat, eggshell and satin paints as well as all stains and waterproofing products. Mat-resistant nap ensures complete coverage and smooth results. Open core makes roller changes easy, minimizing color-change and clean-up hassles. For use with cage-style roller frames. 0.75" Core. Paint-Supply Type: Roller; Brush/Roller Material: Synthetic Knit Fabric; Roller Length: 4.5"; Roller Nap Size: 0.5".
Manufacturers Item #0RR3010044

Wooster® Magikage Trafficage Roller Frame, 4" Five-Wire Steel Cage Roller, 11" Long, Silver/Black

Sturdy, five-wire metal-cage with polypropylene endcaps is compatible with open-core rollers. Rigid, galvanized-steel shank stands up to the heaviest-use scenarios. Smooth and comfortable, rubberized handle helps minimize fatigue. Paint-Supply Type: Roller Frame; Handle Color: Blue; Handle Type: Rubberized Polypropylene; Brush/Roller Material: Five-Wire Steel Cage.
Manufacturers Item #00R0220040

Wooster® Jumbo-Koter Professional Painter's Kit, Five-Piece 4.5" Mini-Roller Set

Jumbo-Koter® Professional Painter's Kits contain everything you need to get started, except the paint. Compatible with paints, enamels, primers, urethanes and epoxies. Includes two Pro/Doo-Z® FTP® 4.5" rollers, one SilverTip® 2" angle sash paintbrush, one roller frame and one 0.5 qt plastic roller tray. Paint-Supply Type: Professional Painter's Kit; Bristle Material: CT™ Polyester; Bristle Width: 2"; Handle Color: Natural.
Manufacturers Item #0RR3960044

Rust-Oleum® Industrial Choice Construction Marking Paint, Flat/Matte White, 17 oz Aerosol Can

Create bold, durable lines. This water-based formula is especially designed for the rigorous demands of construction, excavation, surveying, landscaping and other commercial operations. Paint Sub-Category: Spray Paint; Intended Application Environment: Exterior; Finish/Sheen: Flat/Matte; Color(s): White.
Manufacturers Item #264692

Wooster® Softip® Paint Brush

Always smooth and fast, Softip® brushes feature fine, feather-like filament ends that minimize the potential for visible brush-strokes, ensuring professional-quality results with all latex and oil-based paints. Ergonomic handle feels great in the hand, while providing excellent levels of control for both broad strokes and fine details. Featuring a bright brass-plated steel ferrule, this brush is as attractive as it is practical, from its nylon-polyester-blend tip to its handy hang-hole.
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Wooster® Pelican Hand-Held 1 Qt. Pail, 1 qt Capacity, 7 x 8.5 x 6.5, Beige/Green

The soft-feel strap comfortably fits differently sized hands. Designed to rest effortlessly in one hand and to accommodate mini rollers that are 4.5" and smaller. The ledge at the top of the roll-off area catches excess paint and returns it back into the pail. Paint-Supply Type: Pail/Roller Tray; Dimensions: 7 x 8.5 x 6.5; Material(s): Polypropylene; Color(s): Beige/Green.
Manufacturers Item #0086190000

Zinsser® Mold Killing Primer, Interior, Flat White, 1 qt Bucket/Pail

Water-based fungicidal protective coating can be used to paint over all existing mold, mildew, moss, fungi, odor causing bacteria and any other fungal organisms. Contains an antimicrobial to prevent the growth of mold, mildew and other fungal organisms on the paint film. Aides in covering residual microbiological and fungal stains. Paint Sub-Category: Primer; Spray Paint; Water-Based; Intended Application Environment: Interior; Finish/Sheen: Flat; Color(s): White.
Manufacturers Item #276087