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Deli & Food Serv. Sheets/Rolls


Durable Packaging Interfolded Deli Sheets

Deli sheets interfolded for easy dispensing. Can be used for sandwich wrap or to pick up deli or bakery items. Can also be used as a basket liner for both carryout in containers and casual dining.
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Dixie® Rite-Wrap Interfolded Lightweight Dry Waxed Sheets, 12 x 10.75, White 500/Pack, 12 Packs/Carton

Interfolded sheets work well, staying folded, absorbing liquids and keeping food fresh. They also have added wet strength which means they hold up in moist conditions without tearing or falling apart. They absorb excess grease and oil from food while also acting as a sanitary barrier. Also, the convenient box takes up less shelf space while still providing easy one-at-a-time access to sheets. Material(s): Paper; Length: 10.75"; Width: 12"; Packing Type: Pack.
Manufacturers Item #DIX RW126

Dixie® Satin-Pac® High Density Poly Film

Polyethylene film sheets provide a strong barrier against wetness. They are ideal for freezer interleaving. They work well with frozen foods, helping to separate them without thawing. The neat dispenser box takes up less counter space. And the sheets dispense easily, one at a time.
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Bagcraft EcoCraft Interfolded Dry Wax Deli Sheets, 6 x 10.75, Natural, 1,000/Box, 10 Boxes/Carton

Economical tissue helps ensure sanitary food-handling. Soy-wax-coated, unbleached paper gives you a healthy, environmentally responsible option. Interfolded design and pop-up box packaging provides consistent, one-at-a-time dispensing. Natural. Material(s): Paper; Length: 10.75"; Width: 6"; Packing Type: Box.
Manufacturers Item #BGC 010001

Bagcraft EcoCraft® Interfolded Soy Wax Deli Sheets

Blended, renewable-resource, soy-wax coating performs as well as petroleum-based alternatives. Versatile sheets may be used for a variety of purposes: food wrap, scale sheets, pick-up sheets, basket liners, etc. Pop-up box ensures simple and easy, one-at-a time sheet dispensing.
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Bagcraft Interfolded Dry Wax Deli Paper

Moisture-resistant dry wax coating keeps paper strong, even when wet. Versatile design allows you to use it as food wrap, scale sheet, pick-up sheet or basket liner. Pop-up box and interfolded-sheet packaging simplifies dispensing.
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Marcal® Deli Wrap Wax Paper Flat Sheets

Dry waxed sheets have a unique breathability which prevents sandwiches from getting soggy. Added wet strength enables them to stand up to sauces. They are both biodegradable and compostable.
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Marcal® Heavyweight Dry Waxed Paper Sheets, 15 x 15, White, 2,195/Carton

Heavyweight dry waxed sheets are extremely durable and can stand up to even the wettest and heaviest sandwiches. They are bulk-packed for convenience. Biodegradable and compostable. Material(s): Paper; Length: 15"; Width: 15"; Packing Type: Pack.
Manufacturers Item #MCD 1043