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OOPS Absorbent Powder - 16 oz.

Manufacturers Item #7203

EP Minerals® Safe T Sorb® Premium Oil Absorbent

Quickly and easily soaks up messy spills. An all-purpose absorbent designed for the quick clean up of water, oil, and grease. 100% Fuller's earth. Environmentally friendly. 100% natural mineral; Coarse granulation.  ea
Manufacturers Item #7941

HOSPECO® TASKBrand® All Sorb® Industrial Sorbent Pad

Sturdy, universal sorbent pad offers quick absorbency when you need it. The dimple design provides added strength and is low-linting. Absorbs all liquids. It's an excellent option for fast clean up.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial “Over-The-Spill™” Pad Tablet

The Rubbermaid Commercial Mini Over the Spill Absorbent Pads Tablet contains 25 absorbent pads that each have a triangular "Caution" symbol as well as the words “Wet Floor” in both English and Spanish. These water and oil absorbent pads are a great way to alert customers of spills, which could cause slips or falls. The tablet backing, constructed of corrugated plastic, mounts on flat surfaces or affixes to wet floor signs for convenient storage. Each spill pad is made from melt-blown polypropylene for added strength and absorbs up to 12 ounces of fluid for efficient cleaning.
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3M™ High-Capacity Maintenance Folded Sorbent

This high capacity maintenance sorbent pad has a lofty design and scrim on one side to increase strength and help reduce linting. Versatile format allows it to be used as a boom, pillow, pad or roll. It is dispensed from a carrying/dispenser box in the form of a continuous roll with perforations every 16 inches allowing you to select the desired length. Each perforated sheet unfolds to approximately 18" x 16". For use on most non-aggressive liquids. Applications range from maintenance to spill response.
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HOSPECO® TASKBrand All Sorb Industrial Sorbent Roll, 47 gal, 150 ft x 30"

Quick absorbency of spills and leaks. Easily roll out the amount of sorbent needed to cover large areas. Absorbs all liquids. Conveniently mold to tight or hard-to-reach areas. Sorbents Type: Roll; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 47 gal; Material Absorbed: All Liquids; Length: 150 ft.
Manufacturers Item #OSINBR1

HOSPECO® TASKBrand® Industrial Oil Only Sorbent Pad

Quick absorbency of spills and leaks. Dimple design provides added strength and is low-linting. Most effective when used outdoors. Absorbs oil-based spills and leaks and repels water.
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Rubbermaid® Commercial Over-the-Spill Pad, "Caution Wet Floor", Yellow, 16 1/2" x 20", 22 Sheets/Pad

The Rubbermaid Commercial Over the Spill Pad Station is the most effective way to immediately deal with spills, covering the spilled liquid and alerting pedestrians with its bright yellow color. The spill pad is made of strong, melt-blown polypropylene that absorbs up to 16 ounces of fluid per pad. Each spill pad also has the universal caution symbol and the message "Caution Wet Floor" in English and Spanish. Sorbents Type: Pad; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 16 oz; Material Absorbed: All Liquids; Capacity (Weight): 16 oz.
Manufacturers Item #FG425200YEL

Spill Magic™ Sorbent

This lightweight and high-performance absorbent removes any liquid or semi-liquid of any source or viscosity almost instantly. A quick and economical absorbent for preventing and fall accidents.
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Fresh Products Super-Sorb Liquid Spills Absorbent

Absorbs 60 times its weight immediately! Easy, sanitary disposal of blood, vomit, urine and other liquids. Simply sprinkle granular absorbent onto spills, sweep up. Quat and microbiocide eliminate odors. Ideal for use in grocery stores, restaurants, hospitals, nursing homes, day care facilities, health clinics, etc.
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SPC® SKA-PP Economy Allwik Spill Kit, 5/Carton

Allwik for oil, water based and chemical spills. This highly visible yellow PVC bag is "just right" for small spills. Sorbents Type: Kit; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 15 gal; Material Absorbed: Chemicals; Petroleum; Oil; Water; Length: 19"; 12 ft.
Manufacturers Item #SKA-PP

Anchor Brand® Universal Sorbent Pad, 15" x 17", Heavyweight

Absorbs all industrial liquids (water, petroleum, and chemical based fluids) in facility. Dimpled and perfed. Perfect fit for indoor spills. Universal sorbents are designed for use around machinery, under leaky pipes or fittings, in messy traffic areas and for general maintenance projects. Sorbents Type: Pad; Material Absorbed: Chemicals; Petroleum; Oil; Water; Capacity (Weight): Heavyweight; Length: 17".
Manufacturers Item #AB-BPU100

Anchor Brand® Oil Only Sorbent Pad 15"x17", Heavy-Weight

For use with oil and petroleum based fluids. Products are composed of meltblown polypropylene. Sorbents Type: Sorbent Pad; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 20 1/2 gal; Material Absorbed: Oil; Petroleum Base Fluids; Length: 17".
Manufacturers Item #AB-BPO100

Diversey™ Zorba Absorbent Control Strips, 0.5 gal Absorbing Volume, 1" x 100 ft, 50 Strips/Box

Minimize the damage from dangerous spills with super-absorbent control strips. Strips are easy to use - simply cut off the desired length and place on the spill. Convenient strips are vital in preventing slips and falls. Control strips are made from super-absorbent material for reliable performance. Absorbs up to two liters per two-foot segment. Suitable for a wide range of cleaning applications, including refrigerator and appliance leakages, swimming pool safety, restroom and hospital usage. Sorbents Type: Strip; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 1/2 gal; Material Absorbed: Chemicals; Length: 100 ft.
Manufacturers Item #D7523269

Big D Industries D-Vour Absorbent Powder, Canister, Lemon, 16oz, 6/Carton

BIG D® D-VOUR devours liquids such as spilled bodily fluids as it eliminates odor. D-VOUR is a polymer which, when sprinkled lightly on liquid, transforms it in seconds to a tidy, congealed semi-solid, easy to pick up and dispose of. D-VOUR will absorb 100 times its weight. D-VOUR changes smelly liquids into an odorless semi-solid mass for fast, easy clean-up. Ideal for spills in grocery stores, restaurants, health care facilities or schools. Use D-VOUR to set free-flowing liquids (except for oils) and destroy odors fast. Sorbents Type: Particulates; Material Absorbed: Biological Liquids; Cleaners/Detergents; Water; Capacity (Weight): 16 oz; Packing Type: Canister.
Manufacturers Item #016600

SPC® High-Traffic Series Sorbent-Pad Roll, 63gal, 30" x 300ft, Gray, 100/Pack

Do it all! Dual-purpose pad may be used as a protective walk-over mat or as a sorbent wipe. Dimple-design roll-out sheets soak up and retain most liquids as well as protect surfaces from heavy-equipment and foot traffic. Abrasion-resistant top layer and porous bottom layer ensure industrial-grade performance and long-wear durability. Two lines of perforations (at length intervals and down the center) simplify area sizing and roll dispensing. Sorbents Type: Roll; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 63 gal; Material Absorbed: Chemicals; Oil; Petroleum; Water; Length: 300 ft.
Manufacturers Item #HT303

SPC® MRO Plus Heavy Sorbent Pads, .26gal, 15w x 19l, Gray

Keep it covered: Cut off messes before they spread. Universal-task format absorbs and traps water-, petroleum- and chemical-based fluids. Nearly lint-free, three-ply construction ensures top-shelf performance, strength and durability. Dimpled surface enhances liquid retention. Heavyweight Pads. Sorbents Type: Pad; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 0.26 gal; Material Absorbed: Chemicals; Oil; Petroleum; Water; Length: 19 in.
Manufacturers Item #MRO100

Anchor Brand® Universal Sorbent-Pad Roll, 30w x 120ft, Gray

All-purpose pads absorb petroleum-, chemical- and water-based fluids, ensuring maximum indoor-task versatility. Dimpled, high-capacity format quickly soaks up and reliably retains liquids. Convenient sizing simplifies placement. Thin profile accommodates use under and around machinery, conduits, piping and more. Heavyweight. Sorbents Type: Roll; Absorbing Volume (Unit): 30 gal; Material Absorbed: Chemicals; Oil; Petroleum; Water; Length: 120 ft.
Manufacturers Item #AB-BRU120

SPC® ENV™ MAXX Enhanced Oil-Only Sorbent Pads

Take it to the MAXX: Maximum performance; minimum weight. Task-specific pads ensure commercial-grade oil-based liquid absorption and retention. Treated fibers repel water and float indefinitely, making these pads an excellent choice for off-shore use. Easy-lay, easy-remove single-ply format streamlines spill-containment and cleanup efforts.
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