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Key Organizers


Durable® Key Rack, 24-Tag Capacity, 8 3/8" x 1 3/8" x 14 1/8", Gray Plastic

Ideal for simple key storage when a cabinet is not required. Large key tag label can be exchanged without removing key ring. Patented key shaft for easy exchange of key ring. Height adjustable key rails. Holds 24 key tags; starter set of 6 key tags included. Mounting hardware included. 24 Tag Capacity—Six key tags included: two black, two dark blue, one red and one yellow. Key Capacity: 24; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Gray; Width: 8.38".
Manufacturers Item #195610

Command™ Decorative Key Rail

Forget about nails, screws and tacks, Command™ Decorative Key Rails are fast and easy to hang! The revolutionary Command™ Clear Adhesive Strip stick to many surfaces, including paint, wood, tile and more. Yet, removes leaving no holes, marks, or sticky residue. Rehanging them is as easy as applying a Command™ Clear Refill Strip, so you can take down, move and reuse them again and again!
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SteelMaster® Security Key Cabinets

Contemporary designed durable steel construction hook–style key cabinets are engineered to safely store and secure keys. Included key tags have label windows for easy viewing and are color-coded to simplify key organization. Predrilled holes allow for hanging on wall or attachment to partition hangers (screws included). Secure cam lock with two keys included.
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Advantus Carabiner Key Chains with Split Key Rings

Classic D-shaped carabiner key chains made of solid aluminum. Strong spring hinge opens smoothly for attaching carabiner to bags, backpacks, belt loops, etc. Split key ring is ideal for keys, badge holders, etc.
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Durable® Key Box Plus, 54-Key, Brushed Aluminum, Silver, 11 3/4 x 4 5/8 x 15 3/4

Elegant brushed aluminum key drop and storage cabinet with numeric combination lock. Returned keys drop into lid slot in locked cabinet and are contained in a large interior return bin which swings out for easy access. The easy-to-read snap open/shut key tag window clearly identifies keys and permits tags to be quickly updated as needed. Height adjustable key rails. Key drop holds 30 keys; storage cabinet holds 54 keys. Includes starter set of six key tags. Additional tags sold separately. Mounting hardware included. Key Capacity: 54; Material(s): Brushed Aluminum; Color(s): Silver; Width: 11.75".
Manufacturers Item #196823

Durable® Locking Key Cabinet

Elegant locking brushed aluminum key cabinet. Height-adjustable racks mounted on slotted interior panel. Key tags have a snap-open label and window and store facing out. Cabinet is modularly designed so extra key boxes can be mounted above or below. Includes starter set of six key tags. Additional tags sold separately. Mounting hardware included.
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SteelMaster® Uni-Tag® Key Cabinet

Help avoid wasted time and frustration by organizing your key sets. In these heavy-gauge, welded steel cabinets with piano-hinged doors, all keys are attached to numbered tags and filed securely on key rack slots. For convenience, whenever key is on loan, the "Out Key" control tag records key number, key recipient and date and is then filed under same slot for accountability. Alphabetical and numerical lock location data charts assist in organization. Piano hinge door provides additional strength and easy open/close. Includes disc tumbler lock and two keys.
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SecurIT® Security-Backed Zippered Case, 24-Key,Vinyl, Black, 7 x 1 x 8 3/8

Keep your keys secure and organized, but do so with a touch of style. The soft, black leather-look vinyl of these key cases provides a classic touch. Each key tag is capable of holding up to six keys. The Velcro® security-backed tags easily attach to the sewn-in Velcro® strips. The zippered case is hassle-free and allows you quick access to keys. Key Capacity: 24; Material(s): Leather-Look Vinyl; Color(s): Black; Width: 7".
Manufacturers Item #PMF04987

SteelMaster® Dupli-Key® Two-Tag Cabinet

The Dupli-Key system utilizes two different sets of numbered key tags. Attach your master keys to the red octagonal-shaped self-locking key tag and fasten duplicate loaner keys to white oval-shaped, snap-hook key rings. When a loaner key is issued, insert a receipt slip in the brass holder and place on hook. Keep track of all vital key information in the Cross Reference Index Kit (included).
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SecurIT® Locking Key Cabinet, 100-Key, Steel, Gray, 16 1/2 x 3 x 22 1/2

Don't waste any more time and energy searching for lost or misplaced keys. This steel key cabinet holds up to 100 keys. Equipped with a locking door for added security. To help you keep your keys in order, cabinet comes with a key index—making sure you always know who has what keys. Mounting screws and 100 numbered tags included. Key Capacity: 100; Material(s): Steel; Color(s): Gray; Width: 16.5".
Manufacturers Item #4984

SecurIT® Pull Key Reel Wearable Key Organizer, Stainless Steel

Keep your keys handy, for quick and easy use. Pull key reel utilizes a 20", smooth-gliding, stainless steel chain. Key reel avoids the hassle of having to remove keys—saving you time and energy. Plus, for convenience the keys are automatically retracted after use. Easily attaches to belt. Material(s): Stainless Steel; Color(s): Stainless Steel; Cord Length: 20 in.
Manufacturers Item #4990

SteelMaster® Wrist Coil with Key Ring, Assorted, 10/Box

Stop searching for important keys. Wrist coil key ring is hands-free yet keeps keys and badges close-by. Sturdy, split ring key holder holds one or more items. Flexible coil easily expands then fits snugly on wrist. Material(s): Flexible Plastic Coil; Color(s): Blueberry; Tangerine; Lime; Strawberry; Grape; Width: 2"; Depth: 1/2".
Manufacturers Item #20145AP47

Advantus Key File Drawer Panel, 22-Key, Plastic, Tan, 11 x 0.25 x 9

Expand and organize your storage with the Advantus file drawer key panel. More panels can be added if additional key storage is needed. Constructed of molded plastic. Can hold up to 22 keys. Comes complete with 22 tags to make organization quick and efficient. Key Capacity: 22; Material(s): Plastic; Color(s): Tan; Width: 11.5".
Manufacturers Item #KEY98001

CONTROLTEK Wrist Key Coil Key Organizers

Easily keep track of important keys and belongings with this key holder. Flexible plastic extends to a comfortable fit on any wrist, while the steel key ring securely holds keys.
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SecurIT® Key Coil Chain 'N Clip Wearable Key Organizer,Flexible Coil, Black

Your keys should always be close at hand. Simply use this key coil and clip for quick and easy access to your keys—without having to worry about losing or misplacing them. The flexible, 4" coil stretches up to 3 ft., while the clip attaches to belt loop or handbag. Also, for better and more efficient use, features a clip swivel to prevent tangling. Material(s): Flexible Coil; Color(s): Black; Cord Length: 36".
Manufacturers Item #4992

Universal® Wrist Coil Plus Key Ring

Flexible coil with split ring key-holder expands easily to fit all arms. Sturdy design keeps your keys safe and secure around your wrist. Perfect for conventions, retail, medical, banking, recreation, and IT. Anywhere you need to keep keys on hand.
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SteelMaster® Steel Key Cabinet, 90-Keys, 3.5w x 16.5d x 18.375h, Gray

Features quality, welded-steel construction with paracentric security lock and two keys. Comes with numbered key tags and lock location charts. Keys attach to numbered tags (included) and are stored on rack slots for easy identification. When a key is loaned or issued, an "Out Key" control tag recording key number, key recipient and date can be filled out. Piano-hinged door opens and closes easily. Key Capacity: 90; Material(s): Steel; Color(s): Gray; Width: 3 1/2".
Manufacturers Item #2012F09001